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Elizabeth R. Wronski

Certified Children's Sleep Coach
M.A. Educational Pyschology
M.S. Special Education

Hi, I am Elizabeth Wronski, a certified baby and child sleep consultant. Certified by the Family Sleep Institute, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work on family wellness from the core…SLEEP! From a young age, I began working with families and children, first as a babysitter, then nanny, and finally as a professional educator.

Working in education, I have witnessed first hand how poor sleep can affect children and families on multiple levels. I believe that if a child is not properly rested, their cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development are affected. With proper rest comes proper growth. When children sleep, so do their parents. This helps to create more patience and positivity in the home. My motto is, “When your baby sleeps, so can you!”

In addition to holding my Sleep certification, I have a Bachelors in Education, Masters in Educational Psychology, Masters in Special Education with a concentration in Early Childhood, as well as a 6th Year Degree in Administration. My passion is working with children and their families to create an ideal learning and growing environment, being at school or at home. I specialize in working with children that display challenging behaviors and supporting families with behavior modification at home.

I spend a lot of time working on my own personal wellness. I believe in positive habits such as exercising regularly (I love running and cross training), conscious stress management, as well as experimenting with healthy recipes. With my education around sleep, I discovered that this was my missing piece in wellness.

your baby sleeps offers families a unique opportunity to develop their skills in wellness and positive family experiences. A well-rested family is a family that functions at its best. No matter your situation, we will be able to work together to design a personalized plan that will work for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES, sleep is very important! I like to compare sleep to food – it is an absolutely vital part of healthy development. Sleep impacts numerous things such as cognition, mood and behavior, physical development, and immunity.
0–4 months 15-18 hours
4–6 months 11–12 hours, and 3 naps
6–12 months 11–12 hours, and 2 naps
12–18 months 11–12 hours, and 1–2 naps
18+ months 11–12 hours, and 1 nap
Sleep is a necessity in the same way that food is. All children and babies have a biological need for sleep. Sometimes if a baby is out of sync with his natural sleep patterns (i.e. being put down for sleep outside of their biological rhythms) they will have an extremely difficult time falling asleep.
When a child or baby is kept awake past the start of their sleep wave their body releases stress hormones. These hormones actually make the child “keyed” up. They can often seem wired and full of energy, despite the fact that they are exhausted. That is why it is important to get your child to sleep before this happens.
At your baby sleeps we foster the growth of independent sleepers. Our goal is to get your baby to self soothe and sleep on their own. Although we support all types of parenting philosophies, we find that our style and philosophy work best with families who want their children to sleep independently.
Typically, this is a sign that your baby is overtired. At your baby sleeps we employ strategies in a customized sleep plan that often times help children extend their naps to an hour or more.
Yes there are two different types of sleep, non-rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement. Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) or “quiet” sleep is important because blood supply to the muscles is increased, energy is restored, tissue growth and repair occur, and important hormones are released for growth and development. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) or “active” sleep is important because our brains are active and this is when dreaming occurs. In REM our breathing and heart rates are irregular and our bodies don’t typically move very much.
I understand how tough it is for working parents, and I know that bonding with your baby is very important. I tell my clients that relationships are formed whenever you spend time with your child; not just at night. I also tell them to keep in mind that it is the quality of your time together that matters most. For infants and children I recommend a consistent schedule with an early bedtime since sleep is a critical part of their development.
No baby’s life is without tears and it is true that some babies cry more than others. Their cries can represent so many different things. Hunger, anger, exhaustion, sadness, and discomfort can be just a few reasons . Since babies cry to communicate, during sleep training there is often some crying. However, at your baby sleeps we support the family in whatever sleep training method they are most comfortable with. Some methods involve more crying and some methods are more gradual with less crying. Either way, after consistently working with our families they often find that in a relatively short amount of time there is little to no crying at bedtime.

A better night’s rest is just a phone call or click away. Contact us to learn how sleep coaching can help you and your family.