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When your baby sleeps, so can you.

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Sleep is a biological need. What many parents don’t realize is that the ability to put yourself to sleep is a learned skill. At your baby sleeps, we empower parents with the tools they need to teach their children this invaluable skill.

lucas sleeps.

We wanted to thank you once again for helping us regain our lives and helping our child, Lucas develop the right habits to sleep independently through the night, which had always been our goal when we first met. During the past year after Lucas moved out of the crib, (when he was approximately 1 ½ year old), Lucas seemed to have a separation issue where he would cry and carry on if either parent was not right by his side when he went to sleep each night. Due to our schedules during this time, his bedtime routine was either coordinated with ours or we would have to go to sleep much earlier and give up our plans for the rest of our night. This was not a healthy situation for Lucas or for us.

It has now been about 3 ½ weeks since we started following your sleep plan tailored to our needs, and I am proud to say that not only is Lucas sleeping through the night independently, he is sleeping well consistently. On average he is sleeping at least 8 hours continuous and more often 9-10 hours, before going back to sleep. Coupled with his 2 hour daily naps during the week, we cannot complain. Of course there is still some room for improvement, but at this stage we are thrilled at the quick progress and results we have achieved together. I consider our experience to be a testament as to what can be achieved by simply following your proven techniques and behavioral modifications that have been adapted to, in our case, our child. We were referred to you from a friend who had a very successful experience as well. We wish you continued success in helping families like ours sleep better and regain control over their lives. We are now proud to say “Our Baby Sleeps”.

– Jeffrey & Heidi

Have you been struggling with any of these problems?

  • Your child seems irritable and tired during the day
  • You spend all your time trying to get your baby to sleep with no success
  • Your child's longest nap is only 30 minutes
  • Your child wakes frequently throughout the night
  • Your own lack of sleep is putting a strain on your relationships
  • Your child needs to be rocked or fed into a deep sleep
  • You are too exhausted to read through all the sleep books for a solution

madelyn sleeps.

I used Liz as a sleep consultant to help my 11 month old sleep through the night. She was getting up to eat 2-3 times a night and I knew it was just out of habit. Liz created a plan for me to follow complete with a sleep schedule and nap schedule and a lot of positive reinforcement. We followed it and within a few days she was sleeping so much better. If she wakes up, she is now able to self-soothe back to sleep. Liz was available to talk to every day if I had questions. She was a huge help. I would recommend her services to anyone!

– Desiree & Adam

your baby sleeps. Infant and Children's Sleep Coaching and Behavior Management.

Sleep coaching is a strategic advantage for parents. It magnifies your best qualities, and re-affirms your self-reliance. Our personalized approach can help your family get the sleep you need. One ten minute phone call is all it takes to start the process.

your baby sleeps. Infant and Children's Sleep Coaching and Behavior Management.

emma sleeps.

To sleep train or not to sleep...that IS the ultimate question! I read every sleep book, researched online, talked to other moms and drove myself bananas regarding what the "right" sleep solution is for Emma. My husband and I were so sleep deprived for 7 months, we bickered non-stop about ridiculous things, I was not present at work which I love and it came to a point where it was hard to enjoy the simple pleasures in life and Emma too. I had dabbled in a few methods of sleep training on our own and I was not able to be consistent because I didn't trust I was doing the right thing. Hearing Emma cry was the most painful thing I ever experienced and I just couldn't do this on my own. I had reached a bottom and knew I needed some outside help. I wanted a solution that was going to be right for our family and one that provided on-going support or as I call it hand holding. My best friend referred Liz, we set up our initial call and I knew she was the perfect fit so we dove right in. She customized the perfect plan/solution for our family and IT WORKED. After the initial call, she provided on-going support daily that I needed - it reassured me I was on the right track and or she answered all my questions in a timely manner. After two days, Emma was sleeping during the night and Matt and I had our life back. Not only is Liz a sleep expert she is a lifesaver - she saved our marriage, saved our precious time with Emma, and Emma is so much happier, calm and fun!

– Nikki & Matt

How much sleep does your child need?

The goal at this age is to keep your baby as rested as possible. At this age, their bodies and brains have not developed a sleep rhythm. Around 6-8 weeks, the social smile emerges. Amazing! Early evening fussiness peaks at this stage, but is usually resolved by 8 weeks.
Regular sleep patterns begin to emerge. At this age, babies generally nap 4-6 times per day and feed 2-4 times/night. You will notice they are more aware of their environment and become more social. Wake time (time awake between sleep sessions) is around 45 minutes-1 hour. Be observant of their sleepy cues!
Around 4-5 months, children begin to develop their biological sleep rhythms. Their day sleep is beginning to organize, so you will want to be consistent with their naps and nighttime sleep. This is an excellent age to start working on healthy sleep habits to establish that solid sleep foundation that is needed throughout childhood. Children at this age are often napping 3 times per day, around 9am, 12pm, and 3pm. Bedtime usually falls between 6-8pm with a common wake time of 6-7am.
At this stage nap transitions begin to happen. By 8 months, children will often drop their third, late afternoon nap and nap twice a day around 9am and 1pm. Bedtime should be kept no more than 4 hours from the last nap waking, usually falling around 6-8pm. Around 13-15 months, children transition to a single afternoon nap, falling around 12:30. Implementing an early bedtime during this transition will help your child catch up on any potential lost sleep.
Children transition to one nap in the middle of the day. This transition can occur as early as 12 months or as late as 18 months. Gradually, the nap begins to lengthen. Bedtime generally falls around 4 hours after the last nap waking. Bedtime can always be adjusted to accommodate a less than ideal nap day. This age can be more challenging, in that children begin testing their parents. Keeping consistent is of the utmost importance.

Invest in sleep

your baby sleeps offers multiple packages so that you can choose which package is right for you! your baby sleeps will not just address the current problem but will also empower the family and caretakers with proper education and information regarding their child’s sleep. In turn, this helps to foster healthy sleep habits for your baby and your family!

How we work with you

  1. Contact your baby sleeps to discuss how we can support you in getting your family the sleep they need.

  2. Choose a package that fits your needs. Once payment is made via PayPal, we send your our Contract and Intake Form, in order to gather important information prior to the consultation.

  3. your baby sleeps consults include a one hour phone/Skype conversation or home visit, an individualized sleep plan, in-depth details on your child’s sleep needs, and a customized daily schedule. Depending on which package you choose, our personal support is available to you for up to two weeks by phone and/or email.

Please note, the information provided in consultations is neither intended – nor implied – to be a substitute for professional medical advice. We recommend that you always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have, regarding a medical condition or the health and welfare of your child.

our twins sleep.

Liz helped us readjust the nap schedules of our twin two year olds. Both sleep well at night, but struggle during the day. With Liz's direction, we had Z & J on the same schedule every day, and have not looked back. The process was clear, insightful, and with Liz's support, simple. I recommend her help for any parent struggling with sleep issues.

– Meghan & Adam


A popular baby shower gift! This 30 minute phone call is an informative and personal experience. During this call, we will discuss the healthy sleep habits and proactive strategies you can implement to set your baby on the right sleep path. Creating a solid sleep foundation early can decrease sleep challenges in the future. Included with this phone call are 2 days of email support that are available for use within one year of the baby’s birth.

Investment: $100.00
Select via PayPal

Our most popular sleep package for clients near and far includes:
  • One hour phone/Skype conversation to discuss the intake form and sleep challenges
  • Customized sleep plan and strategy designed around the specific needs of the child and family philosophy
  • Two weeks of phone (2 x 15 minute calls), and email follow-up support as you implement the plan
*Multiples incur no additional fee. Sibling is an additional $100.00

Investment: $295.00
Select via PayPal

$100.00 - Add sibling
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This exclusive package is available for families in Fairfield County, CT/Westchester County, NY and includes:
  • One hour in-person consultation to discuss the intake form and sleep challenges
  • Detailed assessment of the baby’s sleep environment
  • Customized sleep plan and strategy designed around the specific needs of the child and family philosophy
  • Analysis of sleep log
  • Two weeks of phone (2 x 15 minute calls), and email follow-up support as you implement the plan
*Multiples incur no additional fee. Sibling is an additional $100.00

Investment: $395.00
Select via PayPal

$495.00 - Outside Fairfield/Westchester County in-home visit/package
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$100.00 - Add sibling
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Perfect for families who have experienced the sleep coaching process, but need a bit of additional support, are facing a new sleep challenge, or are going through a transition.

- 30 minute phone consultation
Select via PayPal

$75.00 - 60 minute phone consultation (can be split into two 30 minute discussions)
Select via PayPal

$95.00 - three days of email contact
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Package Description* Investment
New & Expecting Parent
  • 30 minute phone call
  • Two days of email support
Phone/Skype Consultation
  • One hour phone/Skype consultation
  • Customized sleep plan
  • Two weeks of phone and email support
In-Home Consultation
  • In-home consultation w/nursery assessment
  • Digital sleep log
  • Customized sleep plan; one week of phone and email support
  • Two weeks of phone and email support

your baby sleeps understands that all children and families are different. Contact us and we can discuss formulating a package that is just right for you.